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Funimation and Toei Team Up to Announce Streaming DBZ

You’d be quickly forgiven if your first reaction to this headline was something like “wait, Dragon Ball Z isn’t already streaming?” As ubiquitous as the series is, however, it’s not! That’s all set to change thanks to an agreement between Funimation and Toei, so you’ll soon have yet another means of watching your favorite brutus beefcakes trade blows and obliterate mountains.

The official DBZ website will be your new hot spot starting January 15, when they kick off streaming from the beginning. Appropriately, the stream is scheduled for 7:30 PM CDT, making for a nice first course before the 8:00 PM One Piece simulcast.

In addition to the first episode of Dragon Ball Z, Funimation will also be rolling out streams of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Z Kai, both in dubbed and subtitled form.