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Frieza’s Japanese Voice Actor Ryusei Nakao Has COVID-19


Join us in sending our best wishes to voice actor Ryusei Nakao—known for voicing Frieza in the Dragon Ball series and Mayuri Kurotsuchi in Bleach, among many other notable roles—who recently tested positive for COVID-19. After coming down with a slight fever and cough, the 71-year-old actor took a PCR test that came back with a positive result, so he is now following the guidance of local health centers and resting at home.

The news came from Nakao’s talent agency, 81 Produce, which apologized to fans for any worries this may cause. They’re currently working with local authorities on treatment while handling any contract tracing in the process.

Hopefully Nakao won’t experience too many symptoms and will be back in his feet after some solid rest.

Source: 81 Produce via Crunchyroll