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Food Wars! Anime Serves Up a Delectable Box Set

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Tohtsuki Academy is far from your average cooking school, which is something Soma Yukihira discovers first hand in the always exciting and mouth-watering Food Wars! anime. The complete first season can be yours in an extras-loaded Premium Box Set from Sentai Filmworks,

ahead of an August 15 release.

Soma is first sent to Tohtsuki Academy after his father shuts down the family restaurant he was hoping to one day take over. Instead of passing the baton directly, Soma’s father sends him straight to cooking school, where he finds himself face to frying pan with some true culinary giants.

Will a short-order cook like Soma be able to keep up with these beasts of the kitchen? Despite the fact that only a handful of students manage to make it to graduation each year, Soma is filled with the fiery determination to become the top chef of this intimidating institution!

Fans and newcomers alike will be able to appreciate all the extras Food Wars! brings along with the first season. The set packs a special bento-style chipboard box with a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack, collector’s booklet, chopsticks, metal pin set, double-sided foodgasm art cards, and Isshiki’s apron. This one’s sure to go fast, so

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