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First-Person Shooter Game Gundam Evolution Coming Next Year

gundam evolution

The Gundam franchise is getting a first-person shooter game titled Gundam Evolution that’s set to come out in 2022 and be available in multiple places across the globe. You’ll be able to do six-versus-six battles while online, so you can play in teams. The game itself won’t cost anything, but you do have to pay to get items, and it will be playable on Microsoft Windows 10. You also have different Mobile suits to choose from.

A trailer has dropped.

The following mobile suits will be available for players: Gundam, Zaku II, Sazabi, GM Sniper II, Dom Trooper, Guntank, Pale Rider, Gundam Barbatos, Methuss, Asshimar, Turn-A Gundam and GM.

A lucky 5,000 people in Japan will be able to beta test the game in August. More details about the game should be released soon.

Source: ANN


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