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First Look at Madhouse’s Take on Marvel’s Greats

A while ago, we reported on the intriguing news that Madhouse and Marvel were teaming up to create an anime collaboration based on two of Merry Marvel’s most legendary heroes, Wolverine and Iron Man. Fast forward to the collective post-San Diego Comic-Con sigh and we now have video evidence of this intense union. If you just can’t wait any longer, go ahead and skip down a bit to see the two in action.

Done? Well, don’t get too attached to Wolverine’s strange romp through Japanese sword-clashing mainstays or Iron Man’s camera-shaking aerial duel, because according to Warren Ellis (here and here)—who’s penning both of these collaborations—these videos merely represent test animation. They were created by Madhouse to show the aesthetic they’re aiming for and, in his own words RE: Iron Man, “The only character in this piece that is in the actual series is Iron Man himself, okay?”

Part of me is hoping that one of the “tests” they’re running is to see how people react to the mullet-sporting bishonen Wolverine, but the animation is slick as can be in both regardless of character design, so anticipation for the final product has officially kicked in.

Source [Warren Ellis – LJ]