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Final Fantasy Adventure Remake Comes to Vita, Smartphones

Final Fantasy Adventure, the Game Boy Final Fantasy sidequel that launched the Mana series, is getting a mobile remake, announced Square Enix Thursday.

The remake will hit iOS, Android and PS Vita this winter.

For those readers too young to have played Final Fantasy Adventure the first time around, a quick primer: Adventure was a 1991 Game Boy game was the first Final Fantasy adventure RPG: that is, unlike games in the main Final Fantasy series whose battles were pure RPG, Adventure had direct, Zelda-esque combat.

Subsequent games in the series dropped the Final Fantasy moniker and voila: the Mana series was born.

Final Fantasy Adventure has already been remade once as Sword of Mana in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance. That remake was not well-received by critics, so let’s hope for a better one this time around!

Source: ANN

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