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Feature Watch: Gatchaman Fights On!

Gatchaman still manages to be relevant today thanks to an upcoming feature film and even, though quite a few degrees further separated, the new anime series Gatchaman Crowds. Its enduring legacy can be chalked up to just how well Tatsunoko Production’s original series holds up, and Mike Dent touches on all the reasons behind its staying power in a feature you’ll find in the pages of the latest issue of Otaku USA magazine.

Mike holds steady behind the opinion that—along with other science fiction anime like Tekkaman the Space Knight, Casshern, and Hurricane PolymarGatchaman stands proud atop the pulsating mound that is Tatsunoko’s proud history. The influence of American superhero comics on Gatchaman creator and Tatsunoko founder Tatsuo Yoshida is wildly visible, and serves as one of many aspects that helps separate the series from its contemporaries.

Enjoy a more in-depth exploration of that, Gatchaman‘s influential character arcs, and a sidebar look at its sequel, Gatchaman II, in the full feature!

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