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Fantasy Light Novel Series Assassins Pride Inspires Anime

assassins prideThere’s no shortage of adaptation material out there when it comes to fantasy light novels, and the latest to get the anime treatment is Kei Amagi’s Assassins Pride. The adaptation was announced during this past weekend’s Fantasia Bunko Daikanshasai 2018 event, with further details to come at a later date.

The first volume of Assassins Pride debuted in Japan in 2015, and Amagi took home the Grand-Prix award at the 28th Fantasia Taisho contest. Nine volumes have been released since, and there’s also a “Secret Garden” short story collection, as well as a manga adaptation by Yoshie Kato that’s been running for over a year in Ultra Jump.

The story follows Melida Angele, one of many young aristocrats tasked with putting Mana powers to work to battle monsters. Unfortunately, she isn’t able to use her powers, so a young man named Kufa Vampeel takes her under his wing as her tutor in an effort to unlock her true talent. Unbeknownst to Melida, though, Kufa has also been tasked with her assassination if it turns out she has no potential.

Here’s Fantasia Bunko’s announcement:

And celebratory posts by novel illustrator Nino Ninomoto and manga illustrator Yoshie Kato:

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