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Explore a New Side of Anime With Hobby Link Japan!

hobbylink japanFeatured Spotlight: HobbyLink Japan

If you’re looking for some new indoor activities to enjoy that feature your favorite anime characters, HobbyLink Japan has the solution for you!

Their Hobby Life at Home page features a wide selection of anime items you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home that will keep you engaged for hours! For example, anime figures are always a nice treat, but have you every tried building your own? They have plenty of easy-to-build kits featuring Pokémon, Digimon, Gundam and more, which offer a fun challenge without needing any glue or paint to finish them.

These kits are way more affordable than your average figure, and posable after you build them, like your own home-made action figure! They look pretty nice on your shelf, too.

Or, if plastic models don’t sound like your thing, then why not check out some paper crafts? Paper crafts comes in a variety of different skill levels—so you can choose to start out with a beginner-friendly 3D diorama or challenge yourself with something a little more extreme! These paper crafts are also made featuring a ton of different anime series and films, such as Ghibli, My Hero Academia, Cardcaptor Sakura, and so much more. They’re excellent pieces to display once finished, so don’t forget to brag about how you’re the one who put them together!

And finally… puzzles! We’re all familiar with what puzzles are, I’m sure, but did you know just how obsessed people in Japan are about them?! As a result, there’s a plethora of puzzles available from almost any anime series you can think of! There are simple puzzles, 3D puzzles, and those with 2,000 pieces! HobbyLink Japan has a massive catalogue of over 2,000 puzzles to choose from, so have some fun or torture yourself for hours!

So, have you found something that piqued your interest? There’s no need to wait—we’re sure you’re sick of doing that already – treat yourself to something fun for your time indoors today!

** This article was sponsored by HobbyLink Japan **