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Evangelion Creator Hideaki Anno Helms Shin Kamen Rider Movie

shin kamen rider

In his ongoing quest to take all of his favorite tokusatsu franchises and make them his own, Hideaki Anno secured another big one over the weekend. In the midst of the big Kamen Rider 50th anniversary celebration, it was revealed that Hideaki Anno will be writing and directing the Shin Kamen Rider movie, with the feature currently planned for a March 2023 premiere.

According to Anno, Shin Kamen Rider has been in the works for the past six years, and was most recently pushed back as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out a teaser trailer below while we wait for more.

Hideaki Anno commented on the announcement:

“Fifty years ago, a majority of elementary schoolboys were fascinated by the life-sized hero Kamen Rider.

I was one of them.

I started this project because I wanted to repay, even if only in a small way, the enormous benefits I received from the TV show 50 years ago in the form of a film 50 years later.

In addition, I will do my best to create an entertaining work that can be enjoyed by those who haven’t seen the original work.

It has been six years since the project began but due to the coronavirus pandemic, changes were made to the production schedule, and the film was pushed back by two years.

We hope you will be kind enough to wait.”

Via Crunchyroll