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Evangelion 4D Attraction Comes to Universal Studios Japan

If you’re a giant Evangelion fan and planning to visit Japan in the near future, may we humbly suggest sometime next year between January 23 and May 10?

That’s when Universal Studios Japan will be running “Evangelion The Real 4D,” a new attraction based on the hit franchise.

4D attractions (“ride” isn’t quite the right word) have been a thing for years: think Captain EO or Shrek 4-D – you enter a theater, throw on some 3D glasses and watch a film while the extra “dimension” involves your seats rockin’, steam blowin’, smells waftin’, what have you.

Evangelion The Real 4D is the first of its kind for Eva. In the story, the audience members are civilians in Tokyo-3 seeking refuge from an Angel attack who get thrown into the middle of the action as Eva-01 battles the Angel.

Sounds pretty awesome.

And as if an Evangelion attraction weren’t enough, they’re doing the same thing with Attack on Titan.

Source: ANN

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