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Enjoy the Cozy Vibes of Pokémon Concierge on Netflix

Pokémon Concierge

Today, Pokémon Concierge became available in its entirety on Netflix. This stop-motion animated series takes Nintendo and GAME FREAK’s ever-growing roster of fighting critters away from the battles and into a more relaxed atmosphere. Guided by Haru, the latest hire at the Pokémon Resort, viewers get a relaxing tour of what this unconventional destination has to offer.

As expected, this is a delightful little series, full of chill vibes and pleasant surprises. Here’s what we love most about this end-of-year streaming treat!


A Low-Impact Watch

In the lobby

Sometimes, all you want is something laid-back to enjoy. And that’s the name of the game for Pokémon Concierge. While we do have characters to get to know — like new girl Haru and her fellow staff members — there’s no high-stakes drama or major plot twists. The biggest “problem” on any given day is figuring out how to help the iconic pocket monsters relax. The resort, after all, takes an innovative “Pokémon first” approach, prioritizing a fun and relaxing time for the ‘mons.

The show itself is low-commitment, too. Consisting of just four episodes, each with a 15-20 minute runtime (some of which is devoted to lengthy end credits), you’re in no danger of burning out or falling behind. The whole thing can be watched in one go — about the time it takes to watch a kids’ movie.


Adorable Animation

A happy Bulbasaur

It’s great to see Pokémon Concierge embracing stop-motion animation. Other series, like Rilakkuma and Kaoru and Pui Pui Molcar, have proven that the art form is alive and well in anime-adjacent spaces. And it’s a great way to bring all your favorite familiar Pokémon to life. The fuzzy, almost stuffed animal-esque appearance of the faves leans into the comfy aesthetic of the show even more.

Plus, the animation itself is fantastic. Little details bring the creatures we know and love to life even more. (We personally have a soft spot for the way the show’s Mudkip wags its tail like an excited puppy.)


A Good Message

Haru and Psyduck

Just because Pokémon Concierge isn’t deep or weighty doesn’t mean it’s lacking in a good message. Apart from the obvious — about the value of taking time to relax — this little show has a lot to say about being kind to yourself and finding little ways to make your life happier. The Pokémon Resort plays host to a variety of unconventional ‘mons, like a Magikarp who can’t swim and a Pikachu who’s too shy to frolic and shout. Instead of trying to “fix” the critters, Haru and her coworkers endeavor to help them find their own brand of fun. Even Psyduck catches a break in this show, as Haru figures out little ways to ease the suffering Water-type’s constant headaches.

Through her work, Haru learns how to give herself a break, too. Rather than figuring out what she should be, she embraces what she’s good at and what she enjoys. It’s a great reminder to ourselves, especially as we head into a new year full of goals and resolutions. While goals are great, maybe we should all be a little more like the visitors to the Pokémon Resort: taking a breather to figure out what makes us happy, and how we can make little changes to get there.

Pokémon Concierge is now available to stream on Netflix.

Kara Dennison

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