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Enako and More Cosplay as One Piece Characters in Weekly Playboy Magazine

weekly playboyAs part of the celebration for One Piece’s 1,000 chapter, Japanese magazine Weekly Playboy did a themed issue that included cosplay of the female characters.

Weekly Playboy is not the Japanese version of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy, if you’re wondering. The cosplayers involved include famous cosplayer Enako, TV announcer Reina Sumi, actress Asuka Kawazu, gravure idols Ayako Inokuchi and Tomi, and fashion model Miyuu Ikeda, who graces the cover.

Even if you don’t get the magazine, Weekly Playboy shared a video online of the photo shoot:

In addition to the cosplay, the issue continues the One Piece theme with images of the 1,000th chapter’s rough draft as well as quotes from Japanese celebrities about how much they adore the franchise.

Source: Anime News Network


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