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Embark on an Unforgettable Journey in To Your Eternity, Now on Digital

to your eternityFeatured Spotlight: VIZ Media

To Your Eternity, one of the most spellbinding anime series in recent years, is now available to own digitally. You can purchase To Your Eternity Season 1 via Amazon, Google Play, iTunes Store, Microsoft Store and VUDU, so get your copy today and read on for more about this adventure that serves up plenty of surprises and profound moments in equal measure.

Shortly after an orb is cast unto Earth, we see it change into the form of the thing that first comes into contact with it. After becoming a rock and then a wolf, it settles on a boy, and it’s there that our journey truly begins. This orb-turned-boy will come to be known as Fushi, and he’ll experience the world and what it means to be human firsthand, from a completely blank slate to tangible growth as a person.

This world isn’t quite so kind as to let a being like this grow and adapt without any trials and tribulations. As he learns, Fushi meets many new people and encounters thought-provoking, and occasionally tragic, stories along the way. In addition to these cruel partings, Fushi finds his journey darkened by the inexplicable and destructive enemy Nokker.

Based on the manga by Yoshitoki Oima, To Your Eternity Season 1 is directed by Masahiko Murata (Naruto Shippuden) and produced at Brain’s Base. This is one journey you won’t soon forget, so prepare yourself and order To Your Eternity Season 1 digitally today.

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