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E3 Bombshell: Final Fantasy XIII Heading to 360

Though this certainly doesn’t spell overpowering gloom and doom for Sony’s camp, it’s no secret that Square Enix’s next hotly anticipated entry in their flagship series has been one of PS3’s major chips, forever dangling before any RPG fans that might have been considering sticking to Microsoft’s box.

Things change, however, as does exclusivity. At Microsoft’s E3 press conference earlier today, it was announced that Final Fantasy XIII would also be making the 360 rounds on the same day as the Playstation 3 release. This is a huge announcement, even if it’s only covering Europe and America at the moment. It’s still unclear whether or not they’ll be releasing the 360 version in Japan. We all know it’s not exactly the hottest platform over there, after all.

Other questions remain, as well, like the space disparity between developing the title for DVD versus Blu-ray. Does this mean we can expect something that makes Lost Odyssey‘s disc-stacking nightmare look like little more than a half-pint tower? All these questions and more will surely be answered as we wait for the sure-to-be eternally distant release, and maybe we’ll have something to fire back at you from Sony’s camp after their showing tomorrow!