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Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ a Super Saiyan-Sized Hit in the U.S.

The title may be “F,” but U.S. viewers are giving the new Dragon Ball film an “A.”

Within a week, the film has earned over $5 million, making it the ninth highest-grossing anime film in America.

Resurrection ‘F’ has already surpassed the Hayao Miyazaki films Howl’s Moving Castle and The Wind Rises in box office returns – and, Deadline Hollywood reminds us, those films were released by major studio Disney, unlike Dragon Ball, which is distributed by Funimation with a limited marketing budget.

Because of the success of the film’s first week, it will stay in theaters longer than planned.

The previous Dragon Ball Z film, Battle of Gods, earned $2.5 million in its theatrical run.

Clearly Golden Frieza has become a pot of gold for Funimation.

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Source: Deadline

Matt Schley

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