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Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Adds Two Cast Members

dragon ball superTwo more voice cast members are ready to get in on the action of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broly anime film. Nana Mizuki (Heartcatch PreCure!‘s Cure Blossom) and Tomokazu Sugita (Gintama‘s Gintoki) will both be acting in the Dragon Ball anime franchise for the first time ever in their respective roles as original characters Chirai and Remo.

Both characters are non-combatant members of the Frieza Army. They’ll play an important role in the film, which has super-strong antagonist Broly at its core.

Check out photos of the actors next to their characters, as well as comments from both (via Crunchyroll).

dragon ball super

Nana Mizuki:
“As I read the script, I was so excited like, ‘This is Dragon Ball!’ When I received this offer, I was so happy because I had been watching Dragon Ball as my favorite anime since my childhood! I went to the recording studio with great determination. Chirai is a type of character I have never played before. I had a strong desire to play this character, so I was really happy when I received a call that I got the role. The battle scenes are also extremely intense, this is what happens when strong people fight each other, So impressive! I felt excited all the time (laugh). Again, I felt great pleasure that I could join this series. In addition to the people who have grown up with Dragon Ball like me, I think new fans who learn about Dragon Ball with this film for the first time will be immediately thrilled!”

dragon ball super

Tomokazu Sugita:
“Dragon Ball is the first important series in my childhood that made me think about the difference between power and strength. For me, it was like a teacher figure when I had to think of ‘What is the meaning of having power.’ Though we have to graduate from it somewhere, I think we can learn so many things even when reading it again in your adulthood, and each reader can feel various things naturally. I hope that you go to theaters frankly without much information. I don’t think I went to theaters in order to learn and get something with determination at an ideology level in my childhood. So please go to theaters just to enjoy sudden surprises.”

Dragon Ball Super: Broly opens in Japan on December 14,