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Discotek to Release Lupin OVA, City Hunter 2, Black Rock Shooter and More


Discotek made some new license announcements on social media (complete with a bit of commentary), calling it “Discotek Day!” once again.

Their first announcement is about the first part of City Hunter 2.

City Hunter continues with more tales of action, drama, & a few dashes of fanservice,” Discotek wrote. “The show has been remastered, subtitles improved, & there is even a fun storyboard extra!”

Next up is the Lupin OVA Lupin the Third: Return of Pycal.

“The magician returns in this Lupin OVA! This Lupin OVA tried various new digital animation things (for the time) & @bradyhartel nearly killed himself (& a few of us) to improve the video with a brand new upscale.”

Then there’s Black Rock Shooter: “Where does pain go, and who feels it? The 8 episode TV series is on Blu-ray! Japanese with subtitles and with a brand new English dub! This one has a nice stack of extras including a making of!”

And Fighting General Daimos: “The last series in the Robot Romance Trilogy arrives! The show has everything you want… a giant robot battles giant monsters, romance, a samurai with sunglasses and an afro.”

Their last announcement involves Mahoraba- Heartful Days: “Ryushi moves to an apartment in Tokyo run by his cousin Aoba. The other residents, plus various personalities that pop out of Aoba occasionally, means he’ll have trouble keeping up in class. Pickled plums might help?”

These are set to come out in July.

Source: Discotek Twitter


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