Otaku USA Magazine
Digital Version of Otaku USA Magazine Now Available!

We’ve had many requests in the past to make a digital version of Otaku USA magazine available, and that time has come! You can now pick up the August 2012 issue via Apple’s iTunes and App store, or from PocketMags.

The digital edition of Otaku USA includes all the same material as print, but nearly all the online links within are live, and will open new windows when clicked. In addition to advertisements, this includes our bonus content, so you can go directly from a story in the magazine to its companion piece online. There are also several video clips embedded in the issue, which can be viewed in the actual stories or enlarged to view full screen.

The issue is currently available for iOS, Android, and computer viewing, with a Nook version to be made available soon. Here are instructions for acquiring Otaku USA via Amazon Kindle. A free magazine viewing app allows readers to peruse the issue as smoothly as if they had the actual mag in their hands. The digital Otaku USA will also be for sale soon on our own website, with the ability to subscribe. We’ll let you know when that’s available, and let us know what you think if you get to check out the digital edition!