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Department store Lumine promotes Evangelion 3.0

Residents of the Tokyo Metropolitan District continue to face a barrage of advertising in the face of the impending release of Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo. The latest and greatest promotion comes at the hands of the high-end department store chain Lumine, which has decked out its stores with Evangelion art and promotions.

Lumine’s Shinjuku store can currently be seen sporting a giant collage featuring scenes from the previous two Evangelion films collaging their way through Rei Ayanami’s hair. The piece is courtesy Kosuke Kawamura, a Tokyo-based artist.

Those entering the store on the hunt for a NERV-style makeover, though, may be disappointed, as of the interior is relatively subdued, with some stores featuring small placards the extent of Lumine’s Evangelionization. Customers who spend over a certain amount of money are given small Evangelion-related bonus items such as stickers and posters.

Other recent promos include Evangelion-themed canned coffee from coffee company UCC, which we suspect, but can not yet confirm, tastes much like regular coffee – oh, and a giant Rei Ayanami slide.

Source: Asahi Shinbun

Matt Schley

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