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Demon Slayer Canned Coffee Sells 100 Million Cans Since October

Many beverage companies have seen sales drop during COVID, but DyDo Drinco Inc. from Osaka has had major success selling canned coffee with Demon Slayer characters on it. The Demon Slayer cans have been nicknamed Kimetsu-can, and they’ve sold 100 million units since last October.

They can be gotten from vending machines, so you don’t know which character you’ll get until after you buy. Twenty-eight different characters can be seen on the cans, from the obvious (lead Tanjiro) to the more obscure (Zenitsu’s sparrow Chuntaro).

“To be honest, it was a hit beyond our expectations,” said Tomiya Takamatsu, president of DyDo Drinco’s parent company DyDo Group Holdings Inc. “It was a shock; a very happy one.”

This isn’t the first time such a collaboration has happened. In the past Attack on Titan and Lupin III have also been on cans.

“There are still things I can’t talk about, but I want to think about it if there is excitement with anime, when movies reopen, or something like that,” Takamatsu remarked about collaborating with a major franchise. “But, I feel it might not have the same impact as last year.”

Source: Mainichi