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Delicious Party Pretty Cure Chows Down on New Ending Theme

delicious party pretty cure

The 19th entry in the PreCure series, Delicious Party Pretty Cure, is currently ongoing, and a new ending theme has arrived to join in on the fun. The new ED is “Kokoro Delicious,” performed by voice actress and singer Rico Sasaki (Daia Nijinosaki in Kiratto Prichan), who previously performed theme and insert songs for the likes of Duel Masters, Dropkick on My Devil! and BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense.

The CD single will launch in Japan on August 24, including a CD+DVD edition featuring the non-credit second opening and endings as a bonus on the DVD. Check out the preview video—which also features Rie Kitagawa, Mayumi Gojo and Machico performing “NO PRIDE, NO LIFE!”—below.

Here’s what Rico Sasaki had to say about the song:

Hello! I’m Rico Sasaki, and I will sing the second ending theme song for Delicious Party Pretty Cure! I’m so glad! I am so happy to be able to sing the theme song for PreCure, which I have loved and admired since I was a child. The CD single including “Kokoro Delicious” by me and the coupling song “NO PRIDE, NO LIFE!” by Rie Kitagawa-san, Mayumi Gojo-san, and Machico-san will be available on August 24. I hope you will listen to it in full size and sing it! Look forward to it!

Via Crunchyroll News