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Delicious Party PreCure Revealed as 19th TV Anime Entry

delicious party precure

The next addition to the long-running PreCure franchise has been revealed. Toei Animation opened a teaser site for the 19th TV anime, showing off the logo for what’s officially being called Delicious Party PreCure.

The TV schedule for ongoing 18th series—Tropical-Rouge! PreCure—got shaken up a bit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While most of the series have premiered on the first Sunday in February in the past, that one debuted on the fourth Sunday of February 2021, so we’ll have to wait and see how the schedule for Delicious Party PreCure shakes out in the coming months.

Crunchyroll streams Tropical-Rouge! PreCure and sums up the story:

Manatsu Natsuumi, who was born and raised on a small island, is attending 7th grade at a school in the city during the Spring. The day she moved here from her hometown island, she encounters a mermaid girl, Laura, who had come onshore alone to find the Legendary Warrior Pretty Cure. Laura’s home, the Mermaid Kingdom in the Grand Ocean, was attacked by the Witch of Delays who lives in the dark abyss of the sea, and the inhabitants’ motivation power was seized. If the motivation power of the humans is also taken away, the world will be in trouble!

Via Crunchyroll