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Deadly Games Are Afoot in Naruto Set 8, Now on Blu-ray! 

naruto set 8Featured Spotlight: VIZ Media

The action of Naruto is coming to a head in the latest home video collection, which contains the final 28 episodes of the original classic anime before it transitions to Naruto Shippuden! See what dangers are waiting for the Village Hidden in the Leaves, and order your copy of the Naruto Set 8 blu-ray today to add another essential batch of episodes to your collection.

Naruto and his friends find themselves on a scavenger hunt at the start of this set, which sounds fun, right? That may be the case in any other scenario, but the trickster Genno has other ideas for Naruto and the rest of the Leaf. Genno sends the gang on this deadly scavenger hunt in an attempt at revenge, and that’s just the beginning of a real rollercoaster of a collection.

After that, we find our ninja heroes heading out on a dangerous mission to protect a ninja dropout with a questionable history, and Shikamaru and Gaara get pushed to their limit in a battle against the Four Celestials. It’s a set of non-stop action that all culminates in the beginning of Naruto’s training journey with Jiraiya, signaling one of the biggest shifts in this timeless tale. 

The latest Naruto collection includes episodes 193-220 in their original full frame aspect ratio, complete with English and Japanese Stereo 2.0 audio and English subtitles. Fans can also look forward to a slew of special features, including storyboards, clean opening and ending videos, an art gallery, trailers and the making of the cover art. Carve another notch in your ninja belt and order Naruto Set 8 blu-ray today! 

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