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Date A Live Anime Dub Previewed

FUNimation will be releasing a Blu-ray/DVD set of the Date A Live anime on June 10, and a new clip recently arrived to preview the English dub.

Based on the light novels by Koushi Tachibana, the 2013 series is directed by Keitaro Motonaga (Jormungand), with Hideki Shirane (Hayate the Combat Butler) handling scripts and Satoshi Ishino (Excel Saga) adapting character designs from Tsunako’s original illustrations.

The latest dub preview:

FUNimation’s synopsis:

In a world devastated by mysterious Spatial Quakes, Shidoh isn’t what you’d expect in a hero. He’s an average Joe who gets bossed around by his adorable little sister and mocked by the popular girls at his school. You’d definitely pick him last for dodge ball, but when it comes to saving the planet from imminent destruction, Shidoh’s got one thing going for him: intergalactic hotties can’t keep their hands off him! When the secret to stopping the Spatial Quakes turns out to be romancing the extraterrestrial Spirits responsible for all the chaos, Shidoh the loveable loser becomes the hero of all humanity. For every Spirit he makes out with, mankind breathes a little bit easier. Kiss the girls – save the world. That name of the game is driving the space babes crazy, and nobody does it better than Shidoh!


TOHKA Michelle Rojas
SHIDO Josh Grelle
KURUMI Alexis Tipton
REINE Barrett Nash
KOTORI Bryn Apprill
YOSHINO Tia Ballard
TAMAE Anastasia Munoz
MANA Felecia Angelle
ORIGAMI Michelle Lee
KANNAZUKI J. Michael Tatum
RYOKO Caitlin Glass


ADR Director – Joel McDonald
ADR Engineer – Cris George