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DamePri Anime Caravan Travels Home on Blu-ray

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Based on the Dame×Prince otome smartphone game, DamePri Anime Caravan brings the adventure of princess Ani and her quest for peace (and perhaps her own Prince Charming) to the world of anime. Now the full series is available on Blu-ray, and you can add Sentai Filmworks’ Complete Collection to your personal anime lineup today.

When Ani, a princess from the minor nation of Inaco, is sent to a peace treaty signing in Selenfalen, she doesn’t expect to become a major player in the negotiations. Before she knows it, though, she’s face to face with a bevy of beautiful princes, none of which are doing much to sweep her off her feet.

Each prince has his own unique quirk—from one who won’t leave his room to another who’s already passionately in love with himself—and watching Ani deal with them never ceases to be entertaining.

Directed by Makoto Hoshini (episodes of Hell Girl: Three Vessels and Sword Art Online), with Naruo Kobayashi (scripts for UtanoPrincesama and Cuticle Detective Inaba) on series composition at anime production houses AX Creative and Studio Flad, DamePri Anime Caravan is a saga of strange princes and the princess stuck in the middle of them all. Order your copy of the DamePri Anime Caravan Complete Collection today and prepare to be whisked away to a world of fantasy romance like no other.

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