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Cut Your Desserts with Mini Demon Slayer Swords

A lot of objects have been made in honor of Demon Slayer, both official merchandise and fan-made. One of the most iconic images of the series would be Tanjiro’s Nichiren Blade, and this has led to Nichiren Blade kashigiri designed after Demon Slayer and here to help you eat your dessert.

Kashigiri are a utensil found in Japan that are typically created from wood, and used especially for sweet foods. But instead of wood, these kashigiri are formed out of metal. And if they look familiar to you, that’s because they’re based on the swords belonging to Tanjiro, Shinobu, Kanao, and Rengoku.

These mini swords are each five and a half inches long. They also come with a mini bamboo muzzle (a nod to Nezuko) and purple butterfly (a nod to Shinobu) that you can rest the blades on.

And they also come with their own sweets! They have yokan, which is a Japanese dessert made of sweet bean gelatin, with the flavors brown sugar, salt, zenda bean, purple sweet potato, and regular sweet potato.

If you want to buy the set for yourself, it costs 7,990 yen (about $71) and you can get it here. But keep in mind they won’t ship until March of next year.

If you’re interested in the Demon Slayer swords, it goes beyond cutting up desserts. There’s also an official talking Nichiren blade, and Paul Martin, a Japanese sword expert, had sword mountings made for Tanjiro’s blade that were so well done some of them ended up in the Aizu clan Samurai Academy on display. “The representation of the sword in the series has the spiritual aspects that reflect the ways in which many Japanese people feel about swords,” Martin told Otaku USA about Demon Slayer.

The dessert swords might not be spiritual, but it goes to show how deeply swords are embedded into the culture.

Source: SoraNews24


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