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Coronavirus Leads to Nintendo Switch Production, Shipping Delays


As concerns over Coronavirus increase, its effects can also be seen on certain sectors of the entertainment industry. In the case of Nintendo, Japan-bound Switch consoles are assembled in China, so the outbreak and related restrictions on movement and work by the Chinese government have led to delays in production and shipping.

The most recent item to be impacted by this is the recently-revealed Animal Crossing: New Horizons themed Switch, reservations for which were supposed to kick off on February 8. Until the restrictions have been lifted, though, fans will have to wait for the variant.

This production and shipping delay also includes re-stocks for Ring Fit Adventure, Joy-Cons, and regular Switch consoles. Nintendo apologized for the issue, which will likely lead to shortages of new Switch consoles throughout Japan. The physical version of Animal Crossing: New Horizon is still scheduled to ship in time for its March 20 launch.

As for the North American and European markets, at the time of this writing it’s unclear how, or even if, this will be a relevant concern in these regions.

Source: Nintendo via Crunchyroll