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Cobra the Animation Blasts Its Way to Blu-ray!

Featured Spotlight:

He may not be the most powerful gun for hire in the universe, but when it comes to sneakiness no one’s got a thing on the man who wields the mighty Psychogun… Cobra! He’s a legend in space and a legend in the world of anime, and he’s now available on Blu-ray in Sentai Filmworks’ Cobra the Animation Complete Collection.


Adventure is the name of the game with Cobra, who lives the true pulp life in space while trying to foil the Pirate Guild’s schemes and battle his nemesis Crystal Boy. Thankfully he has his signature weapon, the cybernetic arm-laser blaster known as the Psycho gun, by his side at all times… because, well, it’s attached. 

In true action hero spirit, Cobra thinks on his toes, shoots first, and always manages to get out of the tightest of spots. He’ll need all the strength he can muster, too, as he swims with human-head sharks, narrowly survives avalanches, and does whatever else it takes to complete the mission at hand.   


Based on the manga by Buichi Terasawa, Cobra the Animation originally made its debut in 2010 and features direction by Keizo Shimizu (animation director on Mad Bull 34, director of The Legend of the Galactic Heroes OVAs). In addition to the full 13-episode TV series, the Blu-ray set packs in The Psychogun and Time Drive OVA episodes, as well as clean opening and closing animations. If you’re looking for an extra-hefty helping of action, you’ll want to rescue yourself a copy of the Cobra the Animation Complete Collection today. 

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