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China’s Release of My Neighbor Totoro Gets Incredible Poster

China’s Release of My Neighbor Totoro Gets Incredible PosterAs we reported a few months ago, shockingly, China has never had official releases of Studio Ghibli films. That’s being rectified this month, with the theatrical release of Hayao Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro (a mere 30 years after its release in Japan).

While the original Japanese My Neighbor Totoro poster is iconic, this new Chinese poster by Huang Hai is pretty darn cool too.

The poster shows lead characters Satsuki and Mei running through a field of what is actually Totoro’s hair. The upper-left corner shows the familiar Ghibli logo, while the bottom-left has My Neighbor Totoro written in English and 龙猫 in Chinese. In Japanese, Totoro is written in katakana, meaning the characters have no particular meaning—but in Chinese, Totoro’s characters mean “dragon cat.”

Totoro opens on December 14 in China, and if it does well, may herald the release of further Ghibli films in the country.

Source: Spoon and Tamago

Matt Schley

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