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Chimame-tai Sample Is the Order a Rabbit? BLOOM Ending Song


One of the anticipated returns on the way this October is the third season of Is the Order a Rabbit?, and it’s bringing the franchise’s trio VA unit of Chimame-tai along for the ride. Following up on Petit Rabit’s’ OP theme, “Tenku Cafeteria,” the latest song to be showcased is the ED theme by Chimame-tai, titled “Nakayoshi! (Maru)! Nakayoshi!.”

The members of the group include Chino Kafuu (CV: Inori Minase), Maya Jouga (Sora Tokui), and Megumi Natsu (Rie Murakawa). Chimame-tai previously performed “Poppin’ Jump♪” for season one and “Tokimeki Poporon♪” for season two. The CD singles for the OP and ED songs from season 3—titled Is the Order a Rabbit? BLOOM—are scheduled to launch in Japan on October 28, and you can check out a preview for the ED below.

Crunchyroll streamed the first two seasons of the anime as they aired. Here’s the synopsis:

Kokoa arrives in a new town in spring to start high school. She gets lost and pops into a coffee shop called “Rabbit House”, which turns out to be where she will live. All the characters are so cute – tiny but cool Chino, soldierly Lize, gentle and Japanese Chiyo, sophisticated but down-to-earth Sharo. They are joined by Chino’s class mates Maya and Megu, and a regular at the shop, Mr. Blue-Mountain Aoyama. Everything is so cute every day at Rabbit House!

Source: Official website via Crunchyroll