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What Happens When Unstoppable Chiitan Challenges John Oliver?


There are some folks out there you don’t want to mess with, and one of those is unofficial otter mascot and all around amazing creature Chiitan. John Oliver, host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, learned this the hard way when he aired a segment in which he introduced his own new unofficial mascot, Chiijohn, a move Chiitan didn’t take lightly.

The segment itself aired the weekend before last, but HBO just put it online this week:

Here’s Chiitan’s response, for those who missed it:

Prompting John Oliver to respond in the only reasonable way:

Despite the lack of a truly challenging reply from the host, Chiitan continued to bring the heat:

Personally, my money’s on Chiitan.

Source: Last Week TonightJohn OliverChiitan via Crunchyroll