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Cat Anime Ore, Tsushima Gets Trailer Ahead of July Debut

ore tsushima

Another anime is being made about our fluffy feline companions. Ore, Tsushima is based on a manga that has not been licensed in America, and the anime adaptation will come out this July. It’s released a trailer showing protagonist cat Tsushima and an older woman whose cats think she’s a man and therefore call her Ojii-chan (grandfather).

If you watch One Piece in Japanese and these voices seem familiar to you, it’s not your imagination. Mayumi Tanaka, who plays Luffy in One Piece, has been cast as the woman, and Akio Ohtsuka, who plays Blackbeard in One Piece, has been cast as Tsushima. Close to half a million copies of the manga have sold in Japan.

Source: ANN


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