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Cast Details Emerge for Live-Action Ranma ½ special

If the news of a live-action Ranma ½—set to air on NTV in December as a two-hour special—wasn’t enough, there are now more roles being announced for both the Saotome and Tendo families.

The lead roles came out alongside the initial announcement: Yui Aragaki (Sh15uya) is playing Akane Tendo, and Kento Kaku (Paradise Kiss 2011) and Natsuna (the live-action Gantz film’s Kei Kishimoto) are respectively filling the shoes of the male and female sides of Ranma Saotome.

The rest of the cast thus far mentioned goes like so:

Genma Saotome – Arata Furuta (20th Century Boys)
Kasumi Tendo – Kyoko Hasegawa (Dragon Zakura)
Tofu Ono – Shosuke Tanihara (The Sky Crawlers)
Soun Tendo – Katsuhisa Namase (Gokusen)

The script for the special is being written by Yoshihiro Izumi (live-action Rookie).

Source [ANN via Crunchyroll]