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Butt Detective Busts a Move in New Promo Video

Web anime series Butt Detective made quite a buzz (er, toot?) when it was first announced, so we figured you guys might want to check in on what the butt-shaped P.I. has been up to.

The latest butt-related development is a video that promotes both the series and an event in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

In the video, Butt Detective does a jig called the “wind-breaking victory dance” while explaining the premise of the series (that, for example, he sniffs out stinky cases and neutralizes enemies by farting in their faces).

This is the greatest series ever.

If Butt Detective’s victory dance got you in the mood for more, check out the five-minute episode “Auto Rickshaw Chase in Port Town” which debuted last August, and if you’re in Tokyo from December 23 to January 8, visit Ikebukuro, where you can jump in a Butt Detective-themed ball pit.

Source: ANN

Matt Schley

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