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Boyfriend Edits More Than 100 Hours of Naruto Filler Out for Girlfriend


Many anime fans know the complexity of loving a long series but hating the filler. A YouTuber who goes by Oceaniz asked his girlfriend, “Would you watch Naruto with me if I edited it to be less ass to watch?” She agreed.

“That’s when I decided it was now or never to finally make that customized Naruto cut I had wanted for years,” Oceaniz explained. “And doing it for a loved one was a great excuse.”

He refers to his edited version as the Ocean Cut. “Making The Ocean Cut took around three months, with many long evenings of me tinkering on it. I started in January and finished around mid-March.”

He worked on the English dubbed version of Naruto. “This is a dub-watching household and it’s my preferred version, so I was always going to do it like this.”

He cut a lot of flashbacks. “The flashbacks in particular are so bad that certain scenes are shown up to—no joke—20 different times, with only a fraction of them showing any new information.” But he didn’t cut all filler, choosing to leave in the popular episode “Gotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi-Sensei’s True Face!”

Normally all episodes of Naruto would take about 250 hours to watch. His version is down to 135 hours.

“It was surprisingly one of the best shows you’ve shown me so far,” his girlfriend remarked.

And if you’re already wondering about an edited version of Boruto from him, the answer is No.

Boruto Ocean Cut is NOT happening because a) I don’t particularly like Boruto and b) since the difference between the Boruto anime and Boruto manga are so big, bigger than [Naruto’s] were, it would be an enormous task for a series I don’t know nearly as well as Naruto,” he said.

Source: Kotaku

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