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Bleach Creator Tite Kubo Draws Aizen Like Loki for Some Reason

tite kubo

Bleach is celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer, and creator Tite Kubo is getting in on the festivities in unique ways. One of those ways had the author inspired to whip up a new illustration of Bleach villain Sosuke Aizen, this time in the style of one of the posters for Disney+ series Loki.

In his comments about the piece, Kubo mentions how he enjoyed drawing the character for the first time in a long time, and noted that Bleach is celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer with projects like the official fan club launch and December’s opening of the first original painting exhibition.

Otherwise, though, the main connection appears to be that Aizen is the Reaper of Betrayal and Loki is the Prince of Betrayal. Hey, if that’s enough of a reason to draw Aizen smirking like Tom Hiddleston, that’s fine with us!

Via Comic Natalie