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Black Clover Spinoff Manga Artist Makes Case for Fan Feedback

Setta Kobayashi, the artist and writer for Black Clover spinoff Asta-kun Mahotei e no Michi, took to Twitter this week to reflect on the feedback (or lack thereof) received by manga artists.

In the posts, Kobayashi noted that unlike many other creatives, like musicians, manga-ka don’t often have the chance to get direct feedback from fans. They’re often holed up all by themselves, drawing or writing like crazy to meet deadlines, and sometimes their sole point of human contact is their editor.

Kobayashi noted that many manga creators can’t sleep because of anxiety, and even cry as they work.

As such, the artist proposed some solutions to fans. As a rule, he says, buying the manga is the best, but fan letters, praise and retweets on social media, and recommending the manga to friends are other great ways to support manga creators.

In short, if you like what someone is doing, let ‘em know! It really does make a difference.

Setta Kobayashi wrote and illustrated the ancient Egypt-set gag manga Nante Koddai! Pharaoh-kun from 2013 to 2018.

Source: ANN

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