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Behold: The Official Shintaro Kago YouTube Channel

The fine fellows over at Same Hat never disappoint when it comes to coverage of manga and manga-ka that don’t get nearly enough exposure over here, and this valiant display of love for the medium shines even brighter when that subject is Shintaro Kago. They recently dropped the hammer of awareness on us all, and it’s never been more frighteningly realized than in the case of an official Shintaro Kago YouTube channel. So far, the monster of manga has posted three shorts that are also available on his DVDs, so give them a peep if you can handle Kago’s unique brand of insanity.

As Same Hat’s Ryan pointed out in the comments, these are all the more enjoyable when you take into account that Kago likely whipped them all up himself on his computer.

I’ve embedded one of the clips below. While not terribly crass (by my standards, so your mileage may vary greatly), it’s probably NSFW, as just watching it is tantamount to horseplay. Also, while my mind and browser are on the Same Hat site, they’re currently celebrating four years of existence. Go check them out and give them some props once you’re done surfing Kago’s channel of madness.



Source [Same Hat]