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B: The Beginning Anime Comes Home in an Ultimate Collector’s Edition

b: the beginning anime

Following its streaming debut on Netflix back in March of 2018, Production I.G’s crime procedural anime B: The Beginning is coming home on October 6. Shout! Factory has teamed up with Anime Limited on the Blu-ray of the complete first season, which will be available in both a standard set and a special Ultimate Collector’s Edition on the same day.

The set is the centerpiece of Shout’s announcement from earlier today, which included a new trailer for the anime and an unboxing video. Inside the release you’ll find the series itself along with three art cards, the complete soundtrack, and a 160-page hardback book that contains a comprehensive series bible.

Here’s a closer look at the set:

And the unboxing video:


Cover art for the standalone release:

b: the beginning anime


Source: Press release