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Awesome Street Fighter IV Anime Trailer Hits the Net

A fully animated teaser for the game Street Figher IV was posted to Capcom’s website last Friday. Said by producer Yoshinori Ono to be created by a “famous anime studio” and running several minutes in length, with smooth animation and character designs very faithful to Capcom artist Bengus’ original artwork, this is the coolest anime footage fans have seen based on the game since Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, released a decade ago. While this trailer will not be featured in the console versions of the game, Ono did say that similar animated scenes will appear in order to flesh out the characters’ stories.

While no Street Fighter fan can resist being excited by this news, one can’t help but notice that half the characters featured in the trailer (such as Akuma, Gouken, Gen) have been missing from Capcom’s announcements on the game’s playable character roster, and watching actual in-game characters like Rufus stand around eating popcorn in fully-animated glory would not have been nearly as thrilling. One also can’t help but wish that full-length animated features such as Street Fighter Alpha, Street Figher Alpha: Generations, and Street Fighter II V had been just as well done.

Never the less, if animated footage comparable to that seen in the trailer appears in the game as part of every character’s story, it will be fulfilling dreams inspired in fans by prior games’ still-picture cutscenes for years, and truly take the series to a new level.

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