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Attack on Titan OADs English Dub Debuting This Sunday

If you’ve been waiting for the English dub of the Attack on Titan OADS, the wait is almost over! The first English dubbed OAD will be hitting Crunchyroll on May 8, and after that one OAD will be coming out each week.

Crunchyroll gave a description for each OAD. Here is how they described the first one, Ilse’s Notebook: Memoirs of a Scout Regiment Member:

“Hange is insistent on capturing a Titan for the advancement of scientific research, but Erwin is adamant in his refusal to allow it. Will an unexpected discovery during an expedition beyond the walls alter the situation?”

Here is their description for The Sudden Visitor: The Torturous Curse of Youth:

“Two years after escaping the torment of his mother, Jean attempts to avoid her when returning to Trost for a training exercise. In a strange turn of events, he ends up in a cooking contest against Sasha.”

The third OAD, titled Distress, was described this way:

“What begins as a simple training exercise turns into a disaster. A dysfunctional team of cadets must learn to work together after Christa is taken hostage by a group of brigands.”

The fourth and fifth OADs are the two-parter No Regrets. Here are the descriptions for both:

“Levi and his crew steal from merchants to scrape by in the dreary Underground. They’re approached by a man from the surface with a job that could change their lives for the better.”

“Levi’s group joins the Scout Regiment, but they bring with them a hidden agenda. The upcoming expedition beyond the walls seems like the perfect opportunity to carry out their plan.”

The last three OADs are all part of the Lost Girls: Wall Sina story. Crunchyroll gave these descriptions:

“When Annie needs a day off from patrol duty to take care of some personal business, her roommate agrees to cover for her. But only if she does her the favor of searching for a girl who’s been reported missing.”

“After discovering the body of Carly’s lover, Annie plans the next steps of her search. However, her snooping lands her in trouble and she’ll need to think quickly if she hopes to survive.”

“Mikasa reflects on when she was lost in a world of her own making. Inside this world, everything went her way except for the one thing she wanted to change most.”

Source: Crunchyroll


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