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Attack on Titan Anime Gets a New Dub Clip

FUNimation‘s release of the Attack on Titan anime’s second half is coming on September 23 in a few different versions, packing in episodes 14-25 of the popular series.

Since we’re getting deeper into the series, FUNi has new cast members joining in on the action. A bunch of new additions were announced earlier this month, and now there’s a fresh dub clip featuring Scout Regiment members and asking a tough question: “If you were ordered to die, could you do it?”

Here’s the lineup:


ORUO – Chris Smith
GUNTHER – Brett Weaver
BEANE – Cris George
SAWNEY – Jonathan C. Osborne
DARIUS – Brian Mathis
DIETER – John Burgmeier
MARLO – Todd Haberkorn
MOBLIT – Jerry Jewell
NICK – Francis Henry
WALTZ – Kyle Phillips
CIS – Eric Vale
NESS – Jonathan Brooks
ZACHARY – John Swasey
BORIS – Micah Solusod
DENNIS – Andrew T. Chandler
HITCH – Brittney Karbowski
JURGEN – Justin Cook
MICHE – Jason Douglas
NANABA – Lydia Mackay
PEER – Philip Weber

And here’s what you’ll get in the collector’s edition:

Episodes 14-25
A Collectible 3-D Lenticular Art Card
Notes From Beyond the Wall: Part 2 (a 24 page digibook), featuring character information, interviews, 4 panel comics and more!
Exclusive Banners (Wall Maria, Wall Rose, Wall Sina), each one approximately 18” x 22”
Exclusive Variant of Good Smile’s Picktam! Strap of Eren, features 2 different face options, approximately 2.5” tall
Over 67 minutes of extras, including
o Episode 14 & 25 Commentaries
o Attack on Titan at Anime Expo
o “Chibi Theatre: Fly, Cadets, Fly!” Days 14-25
o Eyecatch Gallery
o Textless Songs
o Trailers
An Ender Art Box