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Attack on Titan and UNIQLO Team up for 8 T-Shirts

UNIQLO, which has previously worked with SPY x FAMILY and One Piece, is coming out with Attack on Titan T-shirts! The collection will become available all around the world, with different release dates for different areas. In America, these shirts will be out on March 30, just over two weeks away.

Each shirt is priced at $24.90, and there are eight different options. It also appears these are for adults only, so if kids want a shirt, they might have to wear one that’s really big on them.

The first shirt is titled “Dedicate Your Heart” and has this description:

“The design is based on a scene in which Levi Ackerman, the squad captain of the Survey Corps, asks his fallen comrades, ‘You see that?’ This is when Levi makes the ‘Dedicate your heart’ salute, a gesture that symbolizes the Survey Corps’ spirit.”

The second shirt is titled “Wings of Freedom” and comes with this description:

“Mikasa, Armin, and Levi head to their final battle against Eren to stop the Rumbling. The design features an iconic scene in which Levi replies to Mikasa’s words, ‘I’ll do it, everyone cover me’. The scene from this epic battle is printed vibrantly on the back, while the ‘Wings of Freedom,’ the emblem that represents the Survey Corps’ freedom, is featured on the front of the T-shirt.”

The next is simply titled “Attack on Titan” and shows the Attack on Titan logo with the words “If we don’t fight, we can’t win” underneath.

The fourth is “A Titan Inside The Wall” and has this description:

“’This is a cruel world. And yet… so beautiful…’
These words express the beauty of life in Attack on Titan, which meticulously depicts the cruelty of the world and human relations. This quote from Mikasa, who finds hope in a world full of contradictions, contains a hidden facet of the work’s thematic messages. A Titan inside the wall is featured on the front print, while the quote is printed on the back.”

The fifth is called “The ‘Rumbling’ Begins” and has this description:

“As the ‘Rumbling’ begins, Eren Yeager tells all Subjects of Ymir, by way of the Founding Titan’s power, that ‘The Titans of the walls will thunder across the world, to every land beyond this island.’ The Rumbling, as depicted in the back print of the T-shirt, was activated when Zeke caught Eren’s head after Gabi’s bullet had blown it off his body.”

The sixth is “Eren Transforms into a Titan” and has this description:

“Pieck and Porco join hands to make a surprise attack on Eren. Eren chooses to become a Titan in order to fight back after being taken off guard by Porco. The scene is printed prominently on the front of the T-shirt. Eren is surrounded by steam as he transforms into a Titan, and his thunderous roar is highlighted in red, adding to the design’s color palette.”

The seventh is “Eren, Mikasa, and Armin” and has this description:

“Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are three childhood friends who appear in Attack on Titan. This unique design combines their fight scenes with the work’s title logo.”

Last but not least is “The Captain Levi” and has this description:

“’I swear to you… I will eradicate the titans!!’
A soldier asks if he was of no use to humanity in the fight against the Titans as he draws his final breath. Levi, the squad captain, holds his bloodied hand and replies, ‘The resolve you leave behind will give me strength.’ Levi’s subsequent words are incorporated into this design. The artwork was featured on the cover of FRaU magazine and quickly earned a reputation.”



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