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Argevollen Prepares to Turn the Tide of War on Blu-ray and DVD

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When it seems like war is a never-ending fact of life, it requires both something and someone special to turn the tide. That’s where Tokimune Susumu comes into play in

which has officially taken its fight to Blu-ray and DVD.

The countries of Arandas and Ingelmia have been at war against one another for as long as pretty much anyone can remember. Susumu is embroiled in the conflict as a mecha pilot, but his path begins to veer when he ends up saving a civilian caught in the crossfire. This civilian is a girl named Jamie Hazaford, and their chance meeting puts Susumu in control of a prototype mech known as Argevollen.

Argevollen’s unique characteristics are noticeable right off the bat. Susumu won’t need to move and steer in a traditional way to control Argevollen, as the unit connects to its pilot’s mind with its U-Link system and let’s the pilot move it with their thoughts alone. 

Atsushi Ootsuki (Wagnaria!! 2, To Love Ru: Darkness) directs Argevollen, with Tatsuo Sato (Bodacious Space Pirates) on series composition for the Xebec production. Whether or not Susumu’s new find really will turn the tide remains to be seen, but you can go along for the ride in


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