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Area 51 Event Coverage Delivers with Well-Timed Naruto Run

The actual Area 51 raid Facebook event—which millions responded to, with plans to Naruto-run and storm Area 51 in an attempt to “see them aliens”—may have been canceled, but the festivities roar on regardless.

Despite the event’s creator citing safety issues and a lack of proper infrastructure—and military officials warning would-be raiders that this is an open training range for the U.S. Air Force—the day of the event has arrived. 13 Action News reported as final preparations were underway, and one attendee showed us how it’s all done by Naruto-running through the background of the shot.

You can see the run in action around the 1:07 mark below.

Not bad, but I doubt even the most practiced of Naruto runs will get attendees any closer to seeing them aliens.

Source: 13 Action News via Kotaku