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Aniplex Tease Revealed as New Monogatari Anime Adaptation


The veil was lifted off Aniplex’s enigmatic tease, which came through in the form of the letters ‘O’ and ‘M’ this week. It turns out the announcement was a new Monogatari anime, which will adapt the Off Season and Monster Season novels with a returning staff at SHAFT. 

There’s currently no word on the format, but production is planned for sometime this year.

Staff from previous Monogatari anime will return for this one, including chief director Akiyuki Simbo, director Midori Yoshizawa and character designer Akio Watanabe. 

Here’s the full key visual from Akio Watanabe, featuring the tagline: “Youth continues into the past and the future.”

Based on the novel series by NisiOisin, the first anime adaptation in the series, Bakemonogatari, aired in 2009. There have been four Off Season novels in Orokamonogatari, Wazamonogatari, Nademonogatari and Musubimonogatari, and the Monster Season novels include Shinobumonogatari, Yoimonogatari, Amarimonogatari, Ogimonogatari, and Shinomonogatari.

Stay tuned for more on the new anime as further details are divulged. 

Via Anime News Network