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Anime USA Magazine is Now Available!

It was bound to happen. After having as much fun as we did with the previous all-anime bonus issue of Otaku USA magazine, we’re back with a new one, appropriately titled Anime USA. The issue is in stores now, and can also be ordered through our online store.

So what’s special about this one? This issue is all about anime and the creators and studios behind the shows and movies we love. Beyond our cover story on Yurikuma Arashi, the latest anime from Revolutionary Girl Utena director Kunihiko Ikuhara, we have plenty to say about other recent fare like Studio WIT’s The Rolling Girls, and the behind-the-scenes anime-making action of Shirobako

We didn’t forget about the classics, of course. Our writers and editors tackled everything from Satoshi Kon and Madhouse to Gundam mastermind Yoshiyuki Tomino and the Studio Ghibli creators not named Hayao Miyazaki. There’s even a bit of crystal ball gazing as we ponder the successes and future potential of crowd-funded anime. 

Come for features and reviews focusing on some of the best anime out there, stay for a peek behind the curtain at how it’s all made and just who in the world is making it. Pick up Anime USA here or at any retailer that stocks Otaku USA magazine, and let us know what you think!