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We Can’t Help Falling for these Anime Succubus Girls

These anime succubus characters are more than they seem

Demonic succubi are all over the place in anime and manga, weaving their wiles and making everyone (including us) fall in love with them. But there are some anime succubus girls who are a cut above the rest. Whether it’s their choice of career or their outfit of the day, we have a soft spot in our heart for these demonic darlings.

Here are just a few who’ve won us over. What about you?


Sakie Sato (Interviews with Monster Girls)

Sakie Satou (Interviews with Monster Girls)

When you think of an anime succubus, you’re probably expecting a dress cut down to there and up to there. Wings and a tail. Huge… tracts of land. But in the case of Sakie Sato of Interviews with Monster Girls, Succubus Style is a cute pair of glasses and a jogging suit. Or, rather, it’s anything but this. Because like the other Demi-chan in the series, being a monster girl is something that requires real-world coping mechanisms.

As a succubus, Sakie releases a powerful pheromone that makes men fall madly in love with her. To that end she keeps her distance from men, lives in an isolated area with no neighbors, and makes early commutes to avoid crowds. Deep down, she longs for romance — but is there a man out there who can get near her without being affected by her pheromones, and just love her for who she is?


Raim (Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun)

Raim (Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun)

The old saw that “Those who can’t, teach” isn’t at all true for this anime succubus. (It’s also not true in general, but we’ve got things to do here.) Raim puts her powers to good use as a teacher at Babyls Academy, teaching a girls-only Intro to Seduction class.

Of course, there are always tough students. The cheerful Valac Clara gave Raim a run for her money, clocking in at only a 2% Eros Level. But, ever the professional, Raim worked her magic. Now even Clara has a little bit of game!


Albedo (Overlord)

Albedo (Overlord)

If you’re going to spend the rest of your life in another world, you might as well have an anime succubus with you!

Originally, Overlord‘s Albedo was a simple NPC programmed to be promiscuous. But during the final moments of the MMO, top-level player Momonga reprogrammed her to be madly in love with him. When the game just kept going and all the NPCs came alive, that meant he had himself a new, super-loyal succubus girlfriend.

Albedo is ever faithful and hopelessly in love, and has no problem expressing that. Like, constantly. The two sides of this sweetheart’s personality are both fierce — it’s just a matter of which one you encounter.

Are there other anime succubus characters who have enchanted you?

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