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Three Ways to Have a Very Anime Halloween

Have a very anime Halloween!

The spookiest day of the year is here! In between your Halloween plans, trick-or-treaters, and the like, you can still get some anime flavored fun into the mix. There are a few fun things going on at the moment that will feed straight into your festivities. So let’s get started!

Pick up a creepy new manga, prepare for a horror master’s birthday, and catch some gorgeous special occasion art. What else will you be doing to celebrate today?


Start Ghost Reaper Girl

Ghost Reaper Girl

Back in 2020, Akissa Saiké (pen name of Rosario + Vampire artist Akihisa Ikeda) kicked off Ghost Reaper Girl: a wild anime in which a struggling horror actress named Chloé finds herself living out her one lead role. With the help of the mysterious Kai, she becomes a scythe-wielding ghost reaper! Sound like a perfect Halloween read? Appropriately, a new chapter has just dropped!

The manga has been on a 17-month hiatus due to Saiké’s health, and the title has returned at the perfect time. So if you’re looking for a seasonal read, grab it on the VIZ app today!


Prepare for Shigeru Mizuki’s Birthday

Akuma Kun Halloween

Speaking of manga, Halloween is the perfect time to discover the works of Shigeru Mizuki! (If you haven’t already, of course.) The world of anime is currently gearing up to celebrate what would have been the horror master’s 100th birthday. To that end, there are two projects underway: a GeGeGe no Kitaro film and a new Akuma Kun adaptation coming to Netflix.

If you’d like to immerse yourself in Mizuki’s work, you can start with the latest GeGeGe no Kitaro anime series. And if you’re curious about Akuma Kun, check out the countdown videos leading up to the show’s global premiere!


Check Out Festive Art

Oshi no Ko Halloween

Halloween, like any major holiday, means a high likelihood of special art for the occasion! Today, be sure to visit the social media accounts of your favorite series to check for holiday artwork—like the Oshi no Ko piece above. We can’t wait to see what costumes our favorite anime characters don this year!

Most of all, though, we hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween. Party responsibly, watch out for each other, and make the most of this spooky night. Because once it hits midnight, we’re on to the next festive season in the lineup… and there’ll be a whole lot of other big occasions to get ready for! Be sure to stick with Otaku USA all through it!

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